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Place : St Joachim's Hall (Level 4), St Anne's Church
Time : 8.15 pm on every Wednesday evening

Prayer Meetings are one of the most important expressions and fruit of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Praising God in our prayer meetings is also biblical. The Word of God teaches us, in no uncertain terms that we should praise and thank God for everything.


The main purpose of prayer meetings is to give glory to God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is at prayer meetings where people encounter God in a deep personal way (some for the first time), and many continue to find their source of spiritual growth and nourishment in their Christian life.

Although no two prayer meetings are alike as God continues to touch his people anew, yet there is a general pattern in the meeting giving it a sense of order, a lively flow, and a clear direction.

The flow of our weekly prayer meeting (see here) is usually:

Praise & Worship

  • Praising
  • Silent Worship

Exercising the Spiritual Gifts

  • Prophecy
  • Scripture Reading
  • Testimony/Witnessing
  • Teaching & Preaching
  • Small Group Sharing (if applicable)

Intercession & Ministry Time

  • Intercessory Prayers
  • Healing (if applicable)

In summary, the charismatic prayer meeting is all about the presence and power of God Ė Godís presence being experienced in praise and worship, and Godís power being manifested through the exercise of the Spiritual gifts.



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