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“..the LSP has empowered me spiritually, and I found the grace and strength and fervor to serve in Church....”

Edwin Lim, 2006 participant

“I was full…full of packages but was empty in Spirit. The LSP has renewed me in Spirit and keep me closer to God every little step all the days of my life. I feel so very grateful that the Lord is always with me ever since I joined the LSP.”

Juliana Lee, 2009 participant

“Attending the LSP helped me to feel the presence of our Living God always with us. I feel His love and care for us and I experience and always call for the Holy Spirit to help us in our midst. The Holy Spirit also helps me in praising and glorifying God.”

 Eileen Lim, 2006 participant

“The LSP has changed me from someone who had no direction in life and no faith in God to someone who trust God fully and let Him lead the way.”

Eric Loh, 2009 participant

“LSP has improved my relationship with my loved ones and bring me closer to God”

Cassandra Seow, 2008 participant

“The LSP has helped me to grow spiritually stronger. It has given me renewed confidence and positive thinking without self-help books or seminars and It’s FREE!”

Xavier Choong, 2008 participant

“The outpouring of the Holy Spirit has lifted up my spiritual life in tremendous ways which I have never experienced before..”

Terence Tan, 2006 participant

“It is through the LSP that I fully experienced and understood God’s love. God changed my life!”

Amida Diano, 2008 participant

“The LSP made me feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working in me and made me realized how possible to have a deeper relationship with God. The whole program that extends to Burning Bush prayer meetings help me grow spiritually and lead a God-centered way of life... ”

Annie Cortez, 2008 participant

“LSP make me understands that the Holy Spirit is with us every moment and also our faith grow stronger each day especially when I received the gift of tongue”

Rose Seow, 2006 participant

“The LSP has increased my awareness of the gift of the Holy Spirit to me from our Lord. I received ‘hydration for my de-hydrated soul’

Doreen Goh, 2006 participant



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